m5 to m14 nylon insert locking Ti nuts (nyloc)

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Nylon Insert Locknuts (Nyloc) in sizes m5-m14
M5 x 0.80
M6 x1.00
M7 x1.00
M8 x1.00
M8 x1.25
M10 x1.25
M12 x1.25
M14 x1.5
Titanium Locking Flange Nuts
Nylon Insert   
See Photos for full Dimensions
These components are manufactured in Ti-6Al-4V Titanium alloy
usually reserved for aerospace applications.

These components have amazing strength and will 

give about a 50% weight reduction when compared with steel.


Ti-6Al-4V (also known as Gr 5) has fantastic corrosion resistance

and will look stay looking good for its entire lifetime


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