Jagwire brake and gear cable set – Choice of colours

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Genuine JAGWIRE cable set
Genuine Jagwire cables perform more smoothly
and last longer than cheap alternatives
giving slick gear changes and predictable braking
Complete Gear and Brake Cable Set for Front and Rear…
Pack contains everything you need to replace
complete Front Brake, Inner and Outer
complete Rear Brake, inner and Outer
complete Front gear changer, Inner and Outer
complete Rear gear Changer, inner and Outer
Pack contains…
Jagwire CEX™ Standard 5mm outer cable for front & rear brakes
Low compression & Low-friction polymer liner
Coil wound steel construction, strong & flexible.
Super-durable plastic layer, cold weather resistant
Jagwire LEX™ Standard 4mm outer cable for Gears/shifter
Super light weight, compression-less shell for precise gear changing
Linear strand steel construction for maximum strength & flexibility.
Double plastic layer for maximum weather protection & durability
2 x Galvanised steel inner gear cables for front & rear gear shifters / derailleurs
2 x Galvanised steel Brake inner cables for both front & rear brakes
2 x Metal Jagwire Brake cable end cap ferrules
2 x Metal Jagwire Brake cable end cap ferrules


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