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Bike Thru Axles

Ultralight CNC machined front and rear MTB Bike thru axles in 7075 T6 alloy. Optimised for stiffness to reduce flex under extreme conditions.

Bike Chainrings

CNC machined Narrow Wide Bike Chainrings in 7075 T6 alloy. Optimised for stiffness to reduce flex under extreme conditions. Hard anodised finish in a choice of colours

Mudguard & Accessories

Mudguards and accessories for MTB Mountain Bikes, Race Bikes and Road Bikes. Designed and Manufactured by raceTi.

raceTi | Performance Motorcycle & Bikes Parts FAQ

Grade 5 Titanium (TI) has excellent strength to weight properties. Titanium is roughly 40% lighter than steel and makes our Nuts and Bolts the perfect upgrade for your motorcycles and Mountain Bikes.

A rear mech hanger / derailleur hanger is a part in the drive train of a bicycle, deliberately designed to bend or break in order to limit and prevent damage to the bike frame.

The raceTi website has a useful Mech Hanger Finder allowing you to easily locate the correct Mech Hanger for your bike ensuring the perfect fit of your rear derailleur.

Replacing your bikes rear Mech Hanger / Derailleur hanger is a simple process requiring very few tools. Step by Step instructions can be found in many YouTube videos.

raceTi stock a number of Titanium bolts and nuts for your Bike, MTB, Race Bike or Motorcylce including M6, M7, M8 and M10.

Titanium Bolt Finder

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M8 Titanium Bolts – < Link >
M10 Titanium Bolts – < Link >
M6 Titanium Nuts – < Link >
M7 Titanium Nuts – < Link >
M8 Titanium Nuts – < Link >
M10 Titanium Nuts – < Link >